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Heart to Heart November 5.5'' Bracelet H2H-DYO-5.5BTO

To use the bead/necklace builder:

1). Click once on each bead/charm required, the bead/charm will automatically appear on the bracelet.

2) To change the position of a bead/charm on the bracelet chain left click on the bead/charm and drag it into the new position required.

3) To remove a bead/charm from the bracelet, double click it.

4) The cost of the bracelet appears above the image.

5) When bracelet is completed, click the orange  "PLACE ORDER" button at the bottom of the page

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Bracelet Base with Beads/Charms: £1.95

  • C

    Letter C
  • B

    Silver Initial Square-B  BB-Letter BB
  • A

    Silver Initial Square-A  BB-Letter AA
  • D

    Silver Initial Square-D  BB-Letter DD
  • E

    Silver Initial Square-E  BB-Letter EE
  • F

    Silver Initial Square-F  BB-Letter FF
  • G

    Silver Initial Square-G  BB-Letter GG
  • H

    Silver Initial Square-H  BB-Letter HH
  • I

    Silver Initial Square-I  BB-Letter II
  • J

    Silver Initial Square-J  BB-Letter JJ
  • K

    Silver Initial Square-K  BB-Letter KK
  • L

    Silver Initial Square-L  BB-Letter LL
  • M

    Silver Initial Square-L  BB-Letter MM
  • N

    Silver Initial Square-N  BB-Letter NN
  • O

    Silver Initial Square-O  BB-Letter OO
  • P

    Silver Initial Square-P  BB-Letter PP
  • Q

    Silver Initial Square-Q  BB-Letter QQ
  • R

    Silver Initial Square-R  BB-Letter RR
  • S

    Silver Initial Square-S  BB-Letter SS
  • T

    Silver Initial Square-T  BB-Letter TT
  • U

    Silver Initial Square-U  BB-Letter UU
  • V

    Silver Initial Square-V  BB-Letter VV
  • W

    Silver Initial Square-W  BB-Letter WW
  • X

    Silver Initial Square-X  BB-Letter XX
  • Y

    Silver Initial Square-Y  BB-Letter YY
  • Z

    Silver Initial Square-Z  BB-Letter ZZ
  • Crystal Pearl

    Swarovski Pearl Crystal White H2H SPBB-CRYW
  • Crystal Topaz

    Swarovski Topaz H2H BB-TOP
Product Info

Design your own Birthstone bracelet, using a combination of Swarovski Pearls, Crystals and Sterling Silver letter cubes.

See "How To Use The Bracelet Builder" above, for detailed instructions and video.

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PLEASE TAKE CARE. This jewellery is not suitable for children under the age of 3 years. Many of the pieces are small and can represent a choking hazard. The jewellery should not be worn for prolonged periods and never overnight. The jewellery is not suitable for initial piercings or the healing period

Heart to Heart November 5.5'' Bracelet H2H-DYO-5.5BTO

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Heart to Heart November 5.5'' Bracelet H2H-DYO-5.5BTO

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